Documented Testimonials

“During this period Dan has worked exclusively with the Echirolles team. Dan is now the person relied upon by Echirolles to get the Open work done. Dan works on connections and new features, whatever needs to be done Dan gets it done. He is completely self-directed and an excellent developer. He has the most Open System knowledge in Phoenix. He is hardworking and professional with excellent GCOS8, Windows, and Linux skills”

— Jim Smith ,mgr. Development and Innovation @Bull HN

“Dan is an unusually capable engineer. He takes a total system view, shows great initiative and is very proactive. He has a good balance of software and hardware skills and tends to work in areas of overlap between the two disciplines. He is willing (in fact, eager) to take new challenges and, if needed, could work in virtually any aspect of R&D.”

— David Lerner ,mgr. Storage and Communication Solutions @Bull HN

“An excellent job which has earned high praise from the Manager of Data Administration ..”

— John Mentzer- Pratt,mgr. Data Processing @Peterson, Howell and Heather

Dan is a key developer in my organization. His superior knowledge of the OS continues to be an asset to the maintenance and development efforts of this unit… it continues to be a great pleasure to have Dan in my organization.

— George Sacerio ,mgr. Software Support @Bull

Dan is the key person on the NovaStudio project. He develops very quickly, he takes initiatives, answers to the customer, and he is able to take competence on new technical domain very quickly. So, to summarize, his work is perfect.

— Echirolles R&D @Bull HN

Only weeks after joining the company, Dan found himself the major frontline support for the ESCON firmware… truly a baptism of fire since testing had already gotten underway. His performance has been truly excellent ..

— Lois Kinneberg ,mgr. CSS&RM @Bull

“Dan brings excellent work ethic everyday to the job. He has excellent skills and insight into Graphical User Interfaces and provides those special features which make the GUIs he develops very ‘user friendly'”

— Jim Smith ,mgr. Development and Innovation @Bull HN

When a company operates in a ‘downsizing’ mode as we have for the past year, it’s important to note that generalists like Dan are key to our ability to continue to maintain the integrity of the operating system. It is because of his broad and in-depth knowledge the OS that Dan was asked to take an assignment in the GCOS analysis unit. Dan has continued to earn the respect of both his peers and his management for the highly skilled software developer that he is..

— Larry Pratt,mgr. @BULL

Dan has demonstrated his competence as a developer and maintainer. He is sought after by many other developers for consultation and advice. He is quality conscious.. gets along well with his peers and has earned their respect and that of management.

— Roger Von Seeburg ,mgr. GCOS 8 Hardware Support @Bull NEC

Dan assumed resposibility for, and completed on time, critical portions of the SEM project. A short time after coming onboard he had established his technical credibility .. the SEM project was one of the most technically challenging projects in OS development in the last two years . Dan received an award for his contribution ..

— Chuck Dillon ,mgr. Software Development @Honeywell

Excellent programming skills , good debug, analytical skills, well known for problem solving ability..

— Carl Morelli ,mgr. Software Development @Bull

Dan has demonstrated he is an excellent problem solver, anticipates future problems and takes actions, utilizes/builds tools to boost productivity, is a team player, assumes the lead for solving issues, supports his team in any/all ways, is trusted/respected by his peers/management, is a coach/teacher .. he is always willing to take on new assignments ..

— Jeff Schuette,Director Sofware Maintenance Team @Honeywell Bull HN