We have 30 years of experience in Paas , Mainframe, Open Source and Real Time
Operating System Development, J2EE, Applications Development, Development Tools,
Embedded Software (firmware) Development, Systems Installation, Systems Test and
Maintenance, Database Design, Dump Analysis, Communications Software Design and
Implementation, Software Debug, ISO Software Inspections, Cloud Components.

We are Knowledgeable in Cloud Computing, Linux scripting and admin, emedded C,
java, j2ee, eclipse plug-in and rcp development, puppet, Jsp, Jms, Servlets, cvs/svn,
log4J, xml processing, gui implementations, Model-Driven Architecture, C++, Visual
C++, Visual-Basic, Junit Test, WebServices, UDDI, Tomcat-based application servers ,
SQL, PostgreSQL, various High-level languages, Velocity templates and engines,
Hudson Builds, Perl, Assembler Languages, Windows API, network communication
protocols, large mainframe and small real time software environments.

An example of ECommerce ..
WordPress implementation1
and a
Shopify implementation.

An example of a Windows/Linux Application ..
Database and Virtual Machine Manager