Project Samples

I have 30 years of experience in Paas , Mainframe, Open Source and Real Time Operating System Development, J2EE, Applications Development, Development Tools, Embedded Software (firmware) Development, Systems Installation, Systems Test and Maintenance, Database Design, Dump Analysis, Communications Software Design and Implementation, Software Debug, ISO Software Inspections, Cloud Components.

I am Knowledgeable in Cloud Computing (JCloud over Openstack), Linux scripting (Bash) and admin, emedded C,
java, j2ee, eclipse plug-in and rcp development, puppet, Jsp, Jms, Servlets, cvs/svn, log4J, xml processing, gui implementations, Model-Driven Architecture, C++, Visual C++, Visual-Basic, Junit Test, WebServices, UDDI, Tomcat-based application servers , SQL, PostgreSQL, various High-level languages, Velocity templates and engines,
Hudson Builds, Perl, Assembler Languages, Windows API, network communication protocols, large mainframe and small real time software environments.

My skills are best reflected in my results. Here is some recent stuff …

CloudCraft.. An interface to provision Openstack. This was to be used to obtain SPECVIRT measurements for the client.

CloudCraft Presentation..

3270 TerminalManager.. An interface designed and implemented to satisfy the company’s rube-goldberg design to enable terminal simulation up to 10000 3270’s to access multiple machines across an HTML interface and respond via sockets.A companion program was written to start any number of terminals and have their activity displayed on a single terminal to exercise this product. Here, 80 terminals are loaded up.

Database and Hardware Configurator and Monitor This was created via Eclipse RCP and incorporated Munin for historical performance monitoring and Netbeans for realtime plots.Play it and move around in it.

Bull Dump and Debug An implementation to automate and diagnose crashes across node failures in a multi-machine environment fully utilizing dump capabilities built in to all Linux machines across NFS networking. A companion diagnostic tool was created to process output from this system.

An operable design to interface with the Linux power sensors to reflect power consumption across the nodes of a HPC environment.

A WordPress implementation for a client’s Amazon-fulfilled products.
.. so much more